Yarn Soup News http://www.yarn-soup.comhttps://www.yarn-soup.com/modules/news.htm?rssfeed=1 Mon, 21 Sep 2020 14:03:48 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Crafting a New Normal http://www.yarn-soup.comhttps://www.yarn-soup.com/modules/news.htm?newsId=9390 <p>Hello everyone . . .</p> <p>How are you doing?</p> <p>I'm hanging in there, as I hope all of you are. Life is certainly very surreal right now, but I am attempting to maintain as much normality (if not better-than-normal activity) as possible. I&rsquo;m getting outside for walks as much as I can, taking time to do more deep cleaning and organizing than I&rsquo;ve tackled in a while, and trying to elevate in my mind and heart any joys or reasons to be grateful. Here are a few I&rsquo;ve identified:<br /><br /><span><span><span>1.&nbsp;</span></span></span>I am mostly an introvert, so having an opportunity to be at home or work on projects alone and uninterrupted is somewhat exciting for me! I have time and space to let my thoughts meander while I keep my hands productive doing the things I love: knitting, cooking, writing, creating.<br /><br /><span><span><span>2.&nbsp;</span></span></span>As a small business owner, I feel like I am never caught up. There never seems to be enough time to meet the demands of&nbsp;my business or needs of my customers and still watch out for&nbsp;my own needs and that of&nbsp;my family and friends. I&rsquo;m viewing this lull in normal life as an opportunity to catch up on some (but admittedly not all) aspects of life, if not reset my current path and establish better routines. I find this healthy and healing.<br /><br /><span><span><span>3.&nbsp;</span></span></span>Given #1 and #2, I have no excuse not to finish those WIPs or sew up/weave in ends on projects that have been piled up and ignored for months. And what a feeling of accomplishment to finally cross these items off my list!<br /><br /><span><span><span>4.&nbsp;</span></span></span>Being home more and a little&nbsp;more isolated&nbsp;has given me more time to spend with my husband, to think and talk about future plans, and to focus on what is really important to us. Yes, there are irritations, and yes, I miss the variety of having other people around; but I am grateful for this opportunity to strengthen and grow the most important relationship in my life.&nbsp;<br /><br /><span><span><span>5.&nbsp;</span></span></span>I am grateful for the technology that enables us to &ldquo;gather&rdquo; in virtual ways, to participate in faith activities, to reach out to friends and family, not to mention continue business operations! Although nothing can replace in-person contact, I have found myself surprised and delighted by the opportunity to host a virtual birthday party with family spread far and wide, or to meet up with other knitters from the comfort of my own home. Other victims of pandemics&nbsp;throughout history were far more isolated than I am now, thanks to technological advances; and I am grateful that, for the most part, we can still be "together" now, even when we must be apart. <br /><br />Thanks to that same technology, many of you have contacted me about shipping products to you, and I am so grateful that you think of Yarn Soup to meet your crafting needs! Please continue to let me know how I can help you during this time.</p> New Year, New Website, New Resolutions! http://www.yarn-soup.comhttps://www.yarn-soup.com/modules/news.htm?newsId=9068 <p>Do you ever start a new year feeling uneasy about all you left undone in the last year? I&rsquo;m sure some of you do, or at least, I suspect this is a fairly common and natural thing to feel. Except for the most ethereal of us, I would say most people derive a great deal of satisfaction from the completion of tasks begun; or if not that, we feel more at peace when there is nothing we perceive to be hanging over our heads. I can leave any number of creative works in progress hanging out there in the &ldquo;someday&rdquo; pile, but I dislike the feeling of long-standing administrative tasks hanging over my head. Shiver! Escaping that feeling is probably why I have so many WIPs . . .</p> <p>This revised and updated website is one of those things I&rsquo;ve felt hanging over my head. While I&rsquo;m sure it is technically straightforward to set up a beautiful, functional website these days, this task is out of my wheelhouse (I would spend infinitely more time repairing mistakes in lace) and therefore seems to require too much time and energy for me to justify withdrawing from my other responsibilities for anything more than brief moments at a time. But here it is, at last! Many thanks to the team at Rain Retail for their patience and persistence in making this happen! I hope you will enjoy checking back here often for happenings at Yarn Soup.</p> <p>If your outstanding tasks include your UFOs (unfinished objects) and WIPs (works in progress), let Yarn Soup be the Rain Retail to your yarn-related projects. We love yarn, we love helping you solve problems, we LOVE celebrating your successes! We are here to help you move past those feelings of dread and get you back on the road to completion. Join us in 2020 for any and all of the following gatherings&mdash;let&rsquo;s make this your best yarn year yet!</p> <p><strong>Happy Hour!</strong><span><strong> &nbsp;</strong> &nbsp;&nbsp; </span>|<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </span>Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3&ndash;5 p.m.</p> <p><strong>Open Craft Night</strong><span><strong> &nbsp;</strong> &nbsp; </span>| <span>&nbsp; &nbsp; </span>Second Thursday of the Month from 5&ndash;8 p.m.</p> <strong>Charity Crafting</strong><span> &nbsp; &nbsp; </span>|<span> &nbsp;</span><span> &nbsp; </span>Second Saturday of the Month from 1&ndash;3 p.m.