Hangin' at Yarn SoupMy name is Sara. I opened Yarn Soup in October 2011 to create a space where knitters and crocheters can gather, encourage, and learn from one another while “feasting” their eyes and hands on some of the many truly beautiful yarns available today. My hope is that visitors will want to play with yarn and fall in love again (or for the first time) with its creative possibilities.

This journey began when I was 10, although I had no idea at the time it would ever lead to a career. All I wanted was to create a simple sweater vest using a basic pattern from a craft magazine I had purchased . . . so I asked mom to teach me how to knit.

In the ensuing years I would pick up the needles and some funky new yarn only to put them back down again, repeating the cycle again and again. Something finally clicked, and I found myself hooked—knitting became a balm for the stress in my life and the creative outlet I had been craving.

I eventually decided to leave my career as a writer and editor within the world of education to return to Dubuque and embrace the chance to start a business. I wanted to open a shop where I could share this love of yarn and knitting while helping to nurture the kind of camaraderie that is so inherent in needle crafts. There is so much to learn and still so many possibilities to be explored. I hope you’ll embark on this journey with me!

Why Yarn Soup?

Naming your business can be one of the most difficult aspects of getting it started—especially when you love words and word play as much as I do. It’s hard to choose a name that’s not cutesy, overly personal, or meaningful to the point of being obscure.

So I did the only rational, impartial thing I could to avoid getting stuck: I let my brother name it.

Here are some reasons why I think Yarn Soup works:

  1. It got your attention, didn’t it?
  2. There’s something warm and inviting about both yarn and soup.
  3. Mistakes with either are never a waste; rather, they can lead to creative new discoveries.
  4. “Daily dose of fiber” takes on a whole new and equally healthy meaning.
  5. A batch of soup is always a feast for a crowd. Similarly, yarn is even more delightful when enjoyed with good friends.