A grand ol’ opening

One of my great helpers and me!

Can you remember your first day of school? I can’t, actually. I can only remember it as it is depicted in the photos of me on that day. If I were to describe my first day of school, it would be mere speculation, and it would include something about cool, crisp fall air and warm, brilliant sunshine, just because that’s how I imagine such an exciting, nerve-wracking passage into the unknown should be.

Oddly enough, that is also how I would describe my opening day of Yarn Soup, although I will remember that day as long as I live.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Everyone who entered the store came in energized by the brisk temperatures and cheered by the glorious sunlight. There were smiles and laughter, introductions and meetings of old friends. It was spectacular.

Fun for all generations!

It is here that I must acknowledge particularly the patience and selflessness of my entire family in descending on the shop in those final days of preparation. Without your help (and forgiveness of my lack of patience), the grand opening would not have been quite so grand.

Of course, there were mild snafus, as is to be expected; but those of you who came bore with them patiently and with great kindness.

Hey! We love yarn. Maybe we should start knitting?

And that is what I will remember most: the generosity and graciousness of so many who stopped in, introduced themselves, or sent well wishes in honor of this exciting event. My humblest thanks and best wishes to all of you. Stop in again soon!

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  1. I stopped in to your store today for the first time and am so excited by what I see. It is an awesome place and you have done a fantastic job for us knitters and crocheters. The yarns have all been arranged in such an easy to shop manner and the color assortment is wonderful. You have created such an inviting and creative store. I can’t wait to spend some relaxing time sitting and knitting and enjoying the company of others who enjoy the same. I look forward to time spent at Yarn Soup! Thank you for opening your store.

      • I am so excited to have found your website (& soon the store itself). We just moved to the area this August and I know have time to explore for myself. I am an avid knitter when I get a chance and can’t wait to check out the fibers & meet fellow enthusiasts! 🙂
        Thanks for opening a store! Now Dubuque will truly feel like my new home.

        • Wendy, I can’t tell you how many other knitters I have met who have also recently moved to the area–welcome! I hope Yarn Soup can be a place for you to make new friends and share the love of knitting. Stop by again soon!

  2. Hey, Sara! Congrats on your grand opening! I’m very excited for and proud of you, and I wish you the best in this wonderful endeavor. Wish I were there to see it for myself. God’s blessings to you! =)

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