One more day

One of the exciting features of Yarn Soup’s home is the tall, unbroken windows up front. Just yesterday these windows received a much-needed cleaning, after which I didn’t have the heart to cover them again in paper as a way of maintaining privacy until I can open these doors for business once and for all.

Clean windows make a difference!

Now I’m almost wishing I had done this weeks ago! I love being able to see people peering in or gazing and pointing from across the street. I can tell by their posture that they are curious and are resolving to return again soon when they can actually step inside and look around.

All of this activity and interest serves to remind me of why I am here. It’s easy to forget, amid the last-minute purchases, bookkeeping, cleaning, and labeling that this is not just about business operations. It’s about creating a space where community can happen. A haven where the heart can have its say.

So what can visitors expect when they finally enter Yarn Soup? A lot of yarn in a range of colors; knitting needles and notions; patterns and various books; yarn bowls; an Internet kiosk for exploring the myriad patterns and techniques available online; and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Although I have tried to accommodate your various needs and interests, I realize there are gaps in my product offerings—gaps I intend to fill over time. Your input can help me stock the shelves with the right tools for your craft. I can’t promise you everything, but I can promise to do my best to meet your needs.

One more day. In some ways too little time, in other ways, too much. Looking forward to meeting you at last!

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    • Thanks for the inquiry, Laura, and sorry to respond after the fact. No, Yarn Soup will not be open on Sundays during the grand opening period, or after. Hopefully the extended hours on Saturday make it a little easier for you to stop down and satisfy your yarn cravings for the weekend!

      • No problem, my husband was the balloon man at the book store signing Sunday aft. so I was going to ride along. I’ll stop in next time I’m in your neck of the woods.

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